Add a Little Sparkle to Your Holiday Look

I dress up more than usual during the holiday season. How can I change up my make-up, too?

Ah, the holidays. Full of joy and cheer! Make-up is always so fun at this time of year. Winter usually consists of matte, subtle, classic make-up. But I challenge you to break the rules this holiday season by adding some sparkle!

Here are 5 ways to add some sparkle to your make-up:

1. Moisturizer
Add a cream-based luminizer to your moisturizer. Put a bit of your everyday moisturizer on the back of your hand. Next, add a touch of the luminizer, and mix with your finger or a make-up brush. When you apply your foundation, there will be a slight, underlying glow that’s perfect under foundation or on its own.

2. Eye Shadow
Ditch the matte shade and add a shimmery shadow. If you want to stay conservative and stick to “safe” shades, pat a smidgen of shimmery shadow directly onto the center of your eye shadow, then blend out.

3. Eyeliner
Wear colored eyeliner for an unexpected pop of color. Smudge on a dark green, navy, or plum liner for a classic twist. Want to step it up a bit more? Try jewel-toned liners. Even more daring? Try a liquid glitter eyeliner over your regular eyeliner. You’ll get to have a fun look without looking like a teenager. If you don’t want your entire eye lined in glitter, just add a bit to the inner liner.

4. Highlights
Let your face glow with a hint of shimmer (from a blush or eye shadow compact) along your cheekbones. Using a small face brush, apply a wash of shimmer under the brow, too. You’ll be amazed at how great it looks in photos!

5. Lips
There are more sparkly lip glosses on the market than ever before. You can wear them alone, or layer one over your favorite lipstick. Another fun idea is to add a sparkly silver or gold gloss to the inside of your lips as a highlight. It’s the perfect way to add a hint of extra highlight without going overboard.

What is your favorite way to add a bit of sparkle to your holiday look? Is it with make-up, clothing or accessories? Please do share your favorite way to add some holiday shine in the comments!

Erin Bailey is Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Scandalous Beauty: "The Urban Beauty Blog"


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