Addicted to Dieting?

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I spent many, many years managing the now defunct WebMD Weight Loss Clinic and have seen thousands of women lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, gain weight - and start all over again. It often felt like a never-ending, no-win, vicious cycle. Could it be that some women are addicted to dieting?

Look at this post from the WebMD Diet Community, addiction. Here's a woman who has achieved an amazing goal. She has lost 100 lbs. She has a BMI of 22.

Is there such a thing as being addicted to losing weight? I've lost 100+ pounds and the thought of not losing any more and maintaining is making me feel a little bit lost.

She should be proud of the work she has done to get to a healthy weight. Maybe she is proud to have reached this stage, but she's also very concerned about what happens next. Which I understand. If you've spent years "dieting," it can be frightening to step on the scale and not see the numbers go down - even though you know that maintaining weight is your new goal.

Do you think this woman is "addicted" to dieting? Have you ever felt this type of fear?

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