An Addiction That No One Talks About: Candy Crush

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"Mom? I am really hungry. Are you dead? Can you unlock the door?"

You snap back to reality. What have you let happen to your life? You used to be such a good mother and wife and friend. Now you are only friends with people on Facebook so they will send you more Candy Crush lives. You have to take your life back. You stand up, unlock the door, walk out, and put your phone down on the table. You will not let this game monopolize your life anymore. You never even really liked it anyway. Stupid game.

You go downstairs to cook supper for your neglected family. They are all looking at you. They know what you have been doing. No one says a word though. Let's just pretend that everything is going to be okay. You start the chicken and tell your daughter that you are going to look at your iPad because you are expecting an email from her teacher. She knows you are lying. She shakes her head and walks away.

You glance down at the screen and there are new Facebook notifications. You know better than to look. You look. People have sent you lives for Candy Crush. There they are, begging you to use them all. If you could just beat this one level then you tell yourself that you won't play anymore, until tomorrow anyway. You are no quitter and this game will NOT defeat you. You text your husband to bring home takeout and retreat back to the bathroom.

Don't act like you haven't experienced this. You know that this game is all consuming. How many times have you been standing face to face with your girlfriend who you ran into? You are talking to her and she keeps looking down at her phone. She is playing Candy Crush.

As you sit in the school pick up line, no one gets out to socialize anymore. Instead they are using these last few kid free minutes to try and make it to the next level. What has become of our lives?

I don't know who created this game. But I hope you are happy with yourself. I have even seen commercials for this game on TV. That's right! Have you ever seen an phone app commercial before? Me neither. Not before Candy Crush anyway.

Back in the old days, kids only had to worry about their mother being an alcoholic or a drug addict. Maybe Mom would sneak into the closet and binge eat, when no one was looking. But now? Your mother is sitting locked in her car, in the garage, with glazed-over eyes, holding her phone, swiping her finger across the screen time and time and time again. No kid should have to see that. Nice job, Candy Crush. Nice job.


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