AddieLove says...Six kids, one mom, and a messy messy house! What is the appropriate age for chores?

AddieLove says.... am I putting too much responsibility on my children? Ive recently run into some people that disagree with the fact that I have my children doing household chores. Keep in mind, I have six kids. A ten year old two seven (almost eight) year Olds, and two four year Olds. My ten month old cant exactly contribute much aside from his charming smiles and giggles of encouragement :) but I honestly don't feel that I'm asking too much of them. They aren't asked daily but three or four days a week. Except their bedrooms which are cleaned every day. Here is our chore list. Ten y.o cleans kitchen ( dishes, table, sweep, wipe off counters) Eight y.os. clean living room ( pick up straighten up sweep) Four y.os. clean bathroom ( pick up floor, clothes eft. Put things away) Now my kids are amazing kids. First children ive ever known that don't complain when they are asked to do their chores. So you would think its safe to assume that if they don't complain that even they don't feel like I'm asking too much. I'm a 22 year old stay at home mother of six! I would like to think that I'm doing pretty good in the parenting department. Four of the six children are not mine and two of my boyfriends kids are only here on weekends and school breaks. The other four between us are here fulltime. As much as I am worn out being a fulltime mommy my children are happy loving and greatful. They get nice things and don't complain when they are asked to help out at home. I don't see why anyone think I'm asking too much from them. I want all my children to know responisbilty at an early but appropriate age. I don't want to be the mom that boots her babies out of the nest with out preparing them for real life every day responsibility. Is there something wrong with that? They aren't asked to do heavy lifting or use harmful chemicals or scrub the house topnto bottom with a toothbrush! At eight years old my sister and I were in charge of keeping our entire home. And I mean we did everything. Dishes, laundry, cleaning of the whole house and even cooking dinner a few times a week. Our circumstances were a lot different and I feel that we were asked too much, but even with that said when I was 16 and married I was able to take care of my husband and our home. And when I was 17 and pregnant with my first child I was ready. Granted I did leave my husband before my child was born, I still maintained a healthy happy clean life for my daughter and myself. I don't want my kids to be ready to live alone by 16. I want them to need me as much as I need them but forcing them to do my work is just not an option. But I see no harm in having them help. Hmmm. I seem to find myself a little calmed down and apologize for that bit of ranting! Haha. But I would really like to know how other people feel about this? Not to argue points with any one just to see what other parents feel on this subject. so feel free to voice your opinion here!