Is adding your blog address in a comment rude ?

I am shocked.

Today I was reading a post from Stirrup Queens (I like reading her blog even if I don't have fertility problems) and it was titled

Blogging Public Service Announcement #1 and #2

about things people should know about blogging and a commenter wrote :

on another blog there was a PSA about linking your blog in your comment as a rude and inappropriate thing to do.

Is it really rude ? And inappropriate ?

In blogs about how to attract more traffic to your blog they even recommended adding your blog address to your comments.

I do it all the time. There is even the possibility to have a signature in BlogHer and I added my blogs in my signature. Not all blog platforms show you the commenter’s blog address and I like it when I can go read someone else’s blog. If I have no link, no address, I don’t bother. I am not going to search this blogger across the blogosphere.

So I think it’s okay to write your blog’s address in the comment.

What do you think ?

Terry Elisabeth


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