Admitting Wrongdoing and Increasing Awareness as a Result

I think one of the aspects that I love most about this class is that I serve as a facilitator, not as a teacher.  I think it lowers barriers and increases discussions in the class.  The students have outlined the topics of interest to them, I gather information, they supplement the information and then we get down to the discussions.  Many people think it is a bit odd when I tell them that I run a high school class in a manner consistent with a college style seminar class.  My belief is if I raise the standard, they will respond.  It always makes me smile when they do.

As I stated in my first post though, it is a new term and it is always a challenge to find out what is going to bring the group together.  An additional question hanging over my head has been, will these two classes ever come together?

In third block today, the question was posed, have you ever been a bully? One young man stood up and said, "I was a bully. I picked on classmates, made fun of people and never stopped to think that it made a difference."

So, what was it that made him realize his words could make a difference?

He said, "When I began taking the class and we started tackling this topic, I really began to reflect upon the impact my words had on others."  He went on to say, "I realized that I wouldn't want those things said to me or about me. Since we went through our "bullying" exercise, I have really begun to think before I speak."

A strange thing happened in the class, after he spoke.  More students were willing to share their experiences of bullying and how they are consciously seeking to change their behavior.  I often feel like teenagers get discarded by society.  When I tell people that I teach high school, many say, "Oh I feel sorry for you."  I am always quick to tell them, "Really? I think they are an incredible age to work with."  In thinking about what happened in 3rd block today, I hope you can see why.  We all have the ability to be "aware" and to make "choices". Today, a young man shared his awareness, and his conscious choice to improve.  Imagine if we were all, just a little more aware.

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