Adoption & The Census: Your Thoughts

As I blogged over at Chronicles yesterday, I received our Census form to find that biological and adoptive children have different check boxes. I was immediately angered on behalf of my daughter and her parents and for various reasons concerning myself. I blogged and tweeted about it. Other had similar points of view.


The reasons are explained in the 2000 PR hullabaloo and come back to stats. The truth is that accurate statistics are not kept regarding domestic infant adoption. Information is kept regarding foster-to-adopt programs and international adoption (through the Visa application) but not domestic infant adoption. Especially for those working privately with attorneys, not even agencies, the numbers are less known on a national level. This, of course, is yet another reason that reform is needed in adoption. It would be quite simply to put together a way of keeping track of the numbers nationally but it simply hasn't been done.


The PR argument by the Census is that it gives them a better idea of the numbers. I think that's baloney. Simply checking a box of biological versus adoptive gives us no idea whether the child was adopted as an infant, as an older child or anything of that nature. It's too vague. When you factor in things like a neighbor of mine NOT receiving mail at her home OR at a PO box, her entire household is missed. The Census will not gather that there are four people living in that household. More over, as a friend pointed out, there are difficulties in proper reporting when it comes to stepchild adoption. Biological child, stepchild AND adopted by the stepparent. Which box (as there would be three for that one).


It just doesn't work. Knowing that it doesn't work, I'm even more annoyed that there are two separate boxes on the form. I've seen some general uproar on twitter and thought it would be good to ask here. Knowing that checking the box isn't actually going help in accurate statistic gathering, do you feel that it is necessary, helping/hurting or .... enter your thoughts here. Remember to be respectful when someone disagrees with your point of view!



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