Is Adoption A Feminist Issue?

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Editor's note: If you've adopted a child--or are an adoptee yourself--this post by Amanda at Declassified Adoptee will get you thinking about the connection between adoption and women's rights.--Mona

Feministe Asks Some Questions

Brigid at Feministewants to know if adoption is a feminist issue.

Brigid asks:

How can or should we view adoption as a feminist issue? As a class, race, or disability issue? Whose rights stand to be compromised when adoption is or is not an available option?

Does every child have a right to be raised by the people whose genetic material helped create them?

Does every genetic parent have a right to raise their genetic children?

Do people who are unable (though biology or circumstance), or do not desire, to conceive children have a right to raise children?

If you believe adoption is problematic, what circumstances would make it less so?

My answer:

parents march

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