Adult Acne? Solutions to the Rescue

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Like Blair Blogs, I had relatively acne-free teenage years followed by adult acne around my period.  (Gee, thanks menstruation!  You're the gift that keeps on giving.) She's rounded up a lot of information about diagnosing and treating adult acne, including making helpful graphics to figure out how to treat specific types of acne depending on where those pimples fall on your face.

Half of all women are trying to figure this thing out!

What if you’re unsure whether you’re dealing with adolescent acne or adult acne? First, keep your age in mind. Women over 21 or 22 years of age are typically dealing with adult acne, while teenagers usually experience the adolescent type. Another way to tell is to look at where the acne is on your face (more on that later!). If it’s on the upper portion, it’s probably adolescent; the lower portion, adult.

Please read Blair Blogs' helpful post in full and then tell us: how do you treat adult acne?

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