Advanced Maternal Age Project: We'd Like You to Share Your Story!

Advanced Maternal Age Project

Wisdom from First-Time Mothers Over Age 35


Introducing a new project about becoming a first-time mother after the age of 35.  This labor of love is being developed by Sharon Munroe and Jennifer Rustgi for publication this year.  We are starting with a blog ( and hope to collect enough meaningful stories for a non-fiction book.

Both women became mothers for the first time at an “Advanced Maternal Age” of 40. While the paths that led them there were different in many ways, they found that they also had many common experiences and wanted to create a place where other women can freely share their stories and offer inspiration to others.

Sharon and Jennifer believe that such experiences are somewhat different than those of women who become first-time mothers in their teens, 20s or even early 30s due to life experiences, careers, health and the wisdom we gain as we age.


If you became a mother for the first time at age of 35 or later, we’d love hear your story!  We are particularly interested in (but you are not limited to sharing) the following:

Topics You May Wish to Write About:
  • infertility
  • pregnancy
  • birth stories
  • foster placement of a newborn,  infant or young child
  • adoption of a newborn, infant or young child
  • early years of child’s life
  • miscarriage
  • abortion due to a genetic abnormality
Themes and Emotions of Your Story May Include One or More of the Following:
  • courage
  • intelligence
  • empowerment
  • humor
  • gratefulness
  • selfishness
  • appreciation

If you’d like to be one of the first people to take part in our project and submit your story for possible publication on our site or upcoming book, simply fill out our online form.


Contact Jennifer or Sharon at:


Sharon Munroe
Sharon Munroe

Jennifer Rustgi

Jennifer Rustgi


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