I wanted to share the story of John Lara a highschool football player who in January was injured in a football game. He was hit and went into a coma, his injuries were life threatening but today he is returning to school after 6 months of rehabilitation. Go to this link to see his story I share this story with you because I believe it is important for parents to be informed about the dangers of athletics. I am not anti-athletics! I have three daughters who have played sports, two of whom have played predominately male sports and one who currently is the only girl on a hometown National Little League majors team, and also plays tackle youth football.

My interest in sports safety comes out of her playing football. I started to read stats about concussions and brain injuries when she started playing the game three years ago.I also started to hear about injuries locally and John Lara was one of those statistics. Concussions account for more than 40,000 highschool foootball injuries annually according to the CNS, the Center For Neuroskills, to read more about advances in helmet technology go to this link Parents need to be the advocates for their childs safety and make sure that helmets fit properly. Technology in helmets has come a long way, but if you do not have the newer helmets in your youth league, or highschool you are running a risk of serious injury. Is your childs well being worth the cost of new helmet? I think so. Make informed decisions about your child playing sports just as you would when choosing their school or doctor. Remember John Lara when you are cheering in the stands for your football playing kid! See you on the sidelines! WHO CARES WHERE YOU COME FROM, ITS WHERE YOU ARE GOING THAT MATTERS! DEVS GLAMMA


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