Of Advent…8 Days to Christmas: Memories of My Best & Worst Days

In view of what our family will be facing the next two months, losing our abode, I am in a desperate search to cushion the blow we have recently received and just days before Christmas. Here’s yet another boulder being thrown at us. Another life-altering situation; whether it is for the better remains to be seen. And I am trying to stay optimistic. So I began seriously thinking, and I asked myself a question: “What from my lifetime of my collected memories do I consider to be my best and my worst days?”

GD/Good Days and BD/Bad Days

  • My mother—taking me with her, fled—escaping my very abusive once-upon-a-time father was a GD.
  • During the time we lived with my grandmother I was punished with the same cruelty my mother experienced as a small child. BDs
  • It was a GD when my mother met and married my adopted American father. He took the role of a loving and responsible Dad with open arms.
  • It was a very GD when my new American father brought us all to live in America; consequently we later became legit Americans.
  • Speeding forward through the years: I hooked up with the wrong crowd in Junior High School; my life began spiraling down, beyond High School, and making a real mess of my life, almost beyond repair. BDs
  • I hastily married young and then divorced soon after (BDs), and a few short months later, without a spouse to hold my hand, I brought a healthy, beautiful baby girl into the world. A memorable GD.
  • I later met my soul-mate, who rescued me from a life of disillusionment and emptiness. A blessed and fortuitous GD.

Here, thirty-years later, in his own words is his life in two paragraphs, words that have fed my soul:

“Born and educated less than ten miles from the New York City border on Long Island I was moved to Silicon Valley by my first post-graduate job. My education included the Christian Missionary Alliance church which my parents helped found.  I met my wife of 30 years at that first job and we have raised three children with the guidance of Jesus Christ.  We have made plenty of mistakes and have had lots of challenges thrown at us.

“Being an engineer in Silicon Valley practically guarantees some rough career moments and I have had mine.  I have had nice positions dissolve out from under me a few times and been through some long stretches of unemployment.  While this has made our lives quite difficult at times our faith has ultimately seen us through and made us and our relationship stronger.”

I found he had written this a while back, and asked his consent to use it, which he has allowed. Partnering all these years with a man like him, has given me the strength to continue, even if it meant walking on a bed of red hot coals.   *Smiling!*


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