Advent Calendar Angst

Cross posted at Flamingo House Happenings and brought here because this is one of the things I thought of when I read Mir's post about blending holiday family traditions.

I said this morning on Twitter that we had successfully decorated the house and tree last night - with all six children (and two extra significant others) and no fights or meltdowns. This was true. But the Advent Calendar Angst has begun - quietly, so far.

I was searching through the last box for the advent calendar and concerned because I hadn't seen it. Chris informed me that it was already up. Michelle got to it and hung it. This led to quite the discussion between me, Chris and Jenn about the calendar and the mouse and Michelle.

All evening long, the children waged the battle of the mouse. Someone put it in the December 1 pouch (ie Michelle) and someone else came along and moved it to the 24th. It was put back in the 1st pouch and again moved to the 24th. Over and over. All night.

It's December 2nd and I'm wondering who is going to move the mouse - and which child (or children) will interfere and move it to the wrong pouch. Kids are crazy.


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