Adventures in Conception

I'm one day late and I'm constantly wondering if every grumble in my tummy is the start of cramps.  Still no early pregnancy symptoms and no PMS. 

I sat on the couch last night discussing this evenings party with my husband and comtemplating the glass of wine I've so been craving.  In addition to the usual stress around the holidays, I'm dealing with alot more than usual at work.  So much so that it had me in tears two weeks earlier (I'm not one to show emotion at work).  Normally a nice glass of wine would be my perfered why of winding down after a difficult day but I've been waiting for confirmation I'm not preggers.  Usually when I'm stressed by period comes early and I fully expected it to this time but so far it's a no show.  Part of me wants it to just start already so I can start counting the days till we can try again but part of me is holding on to that hope of what's highly unlikely.  Limbo sucks.  My husband suggested I test this morning so I did.  Another negative.  So now the questions to drink or not to drink and how to fool those suspicious friends and co-workers.  My huband doesn't seem to think one glass of wine is going to endanger our probably non-existant baby's life.  I'm wondering if ginger ale in a wine glass would fool anyone.  Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping you pregnancy/possible pregnancy a secret?


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