Adventures in Haircuts

 When I looked up, this bitch was gone.  It was like she ascended from hell and once her dirty work of insulting children was done she returned to the pit of despair from where she rose.  I couldn't find her anywhere.

 I let My Big Guy's haircut continue only because the woman who was doing his was right in the middle of it and if I had ended his then he would have looked like a fool with half his hair short and half long.

 I paid for My Big Guy's haircut and we got the hell out of that place.

 Once we got home I shot off a nasty email informing whoever is in charge of this salon about what happened and how inappropriate it is to tell a two year that he is not a nice boy because he's acting like a two year old.

 I also attempted to inform my mom's list of our experience, but was informed by the moderator that negative business reviews are forbidden.


 Apparently, in this particular group we can only post positive reviews of places.  So even though I went to this salon based on the recommendation of this group, I cannot inform them that our particular experience wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. So basically, any review that this group offers is worthless because we are only allowed to sing praise upon local businesses and not report when something goes wrong.

 I get not wanting to badmouth local businesses.  Hell, I might work for a competing one and say something to try to sway the moms away from my competition.  I get it.  But if someone recommends something and I take that recommendation and my child is insulted there I feel like other moms MIGHT want to know that.

 The lessons I learned from this are :

A) Don't cheat on your hair stylist.  Karma will come bite you and your children in the ass.

B) Don't trust any reviews from the censored moms' list.

C) Continue to cut My Little Guy's hair myself


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