Adventures in Online Dating Pt. 1

I'm not saying that I'm online dating, but I have this friend...

A friend of mine decided to go forward and online date.  She made a profile and started seeing what is out there.  Her preferences seemed reasonable. The age range was 24-30.  The education had to be a Bachelors or more.  The person had to be relativily healthy physique wise, and Christian values were prefered.  She quickly realized that this was a whole new world.  After one day of being live on a popular dating site these were a few responses. She got a lot of responses from men in their 40s who were clearly out of her age range, but you can't knock'em for trying.  They old guys were not the only ones giving it a shot.  Guy after guy emailed her who didn't match up on basic criteria.  They had been married before, they had children, they also had a reading deficiency if they thought she'd be interested; even after she stated she didn't want someone with kids or a previous marriage.

Midway through her second day there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  She found a decent guy, only problem is he hasn't moved to the area yet... So it was on to the next.  The potential matches just didn't seem to measure up. There has to be more prospects... Well, then the revelation occured. Once you narrow out the military guys there isn't a lot left.  Well are you willing to compromise that? Maybe... She'd prefer the guy to not be in the military, but she isn't willing to pass up Mr.Right because of his occupation.

Most of the guys state that they don't care about the ethnicity of their potential match. Clearly, that is a lie. She isn't a model, but she is definitly decent.  She would prefer a man of color, but she is open to letting that go. She is already online dating, might as well let that preference (race) go.  The only thing standing in her was was her superficiality.  The profile would be compatible, but the pictures were less than exciting.  She feels like attraction is a big and important part of a relationship.  A guy can be nice, but if your stomach turns at the thought of him kissing you, it is a NO.

She was beginning to get a bit weary.  Although she hadn't been on the site for long she was afraid that she would come out of it with nothing.  She thought: only she would go on a dating site and come out with no date!  She wants a relationship.  She is ready for a serious comitment. She knows that she is young, but is it so bad to want to discover new things with a partner? So, to the internet she went.  She has hope and all the optimism in the world that this may be the remedy to her loneliness.

So as she navigates this new world of online dating, I wish her well. 1 in 5 relationships begins with an online dating site so... Stick with it and keep hope alive!

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