Adventures (Or the lack thereof) in Dating

I don’t know if I’ve ever really said it here, but I’m single.

Well, more of  a hermit/Oscar the grouch/hid in my apartment because people don’t ever live up to the image I have of them in my head type rather than “Single”. However, I want to change that -I see so many of my friends and family being in happy/healthy/fulfilling relationships and as I get older I want that again. I want someone there when I come home at night, someone to cuddle in bed with, someone to enjoy the recipes I come up with. I want someone to go to places with, someone to vent to , some one who wants to share all of those same things with me.

So how do I go about doing this? I’m a self-described Introvert. I really dislike going out alone, trying to meet people. The very thought makes me have goosebumps. I would love someone to come knock on my door and “Boom” fall in love with him. However, I know that’s not going to happen … After all, I live in the backwoods of Maine.  The only people knocking on doors up here, aren’t the type you fall in love with. They’re more of the “Lock the door, run and hid under the bed away from the gun and bear hunting attire” type.

In order to facilitate attempting to meet more people, I’ve gone out a few times in the last month with friends, both for casual day-time activities and one night at a bar. Nothing sparked with anyone, either time. So, I’ve decided to attempt “ONLINE DATING” … that’s a scary word, right?  I’m working on the profile right now (see below)–  and hopefully, I’ll manage to catch someones eye and hit it off. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Wish me luck — and give me pointers on my profile! ID-10087396

   I’m a good girl (sort of) who’s just looking to find a good guy :) to hang out with , have fun with, converse with, and eventually fall in love with. Not too much to ask, right?

A little about me– I love reading in general… I am a Kevin Smith Junkie– I try to watch anything he’s involved in! I am a huge fan of awkward teenager movies like 16 Candles and anything with Michael Cera. Geeky TV shows like Big Bang Theory and Bones are really great too. I like music, who doesn’t really? Some favorites of mine are 90′s era pop (I’m talking the really cheesy lame stuff— the more “one hit wonder” the better!) , Ray Lamontagne, and Tool — Varied list, I know. What can I say, I’m eclectic :)

Right now, I am a residential advisor for a company in North Conway that provides residential and community based rehabilitation services for individuals with traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, developmental disability. I love my job and the clients that I get to work with. They make me a better person.

I am always honest, perhaps sometimes too much so, and I expect that in a relationship as well. I am not a serial dater, but I am also not willing to settle for something that is less than right. I love to laugh and finding the humor in a bad situation seems to be the better alternative, but I am also a realist and I don’t view the world through the proverbial rose-colored glasses

A little about you– You are intelligent. You are a geek (The Joss Whedon, StarWars, GeekandSundry loving kind). You can spell and love the intricacies of language. You don’t speak in “Bingo” language, and don’t type 4 and 2 when you really mean, “For” “too” or “to”. You know and appreciate the difference between “their”, “there” and “they’re”. You enjoy silence and it doesn’t freak you out. You are good with your hands and you don’t mind getting them dirty.You have traveled. You can tell wonderful stories. You don’t mind repeating yourself.You aren’t scared to make the first move.

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