Adventures in Real Estate

Anybody remember Y2K? Remember how back in the summer of 1999 the world began to worry that the magic of technology would turn black and self-destruct when the internal clocks of everything from computers to coffeemakers tried to deal with the year 2000?

Well, lucky for Planet Earth, the wizards of cyberspace kept us intact; but while it was all happening, many people in the Real Estate profession found their jobs slipping into a weird sort of expectant limbo—a strange new place where it began to seem like nobody wanted to make any sort of financial move whatsoever until they saw how it was all going to go down....

Meanwhile—despite being an associate broker in a Century 21 office working the hot northwest side of Atlanta—as the ticking countdown grew louder and louder I actually began to find myself sitting in front of the computer in the middle of the afternoon with nothing much to do, and so I worked instead on Adventures in Real Estate: a little book full of essays and stories about the profession—hoping to both lighten the load of my fellow realtors and possibly provide some amusing, yet truly helpful tips to beginners. As a matter of fact, I’d like to think that there’s even a few things contained within it that might be of interest to people outside the profession as well.

For instance, here’s Public Relations Rule #2: Never say anything negative about a person's pet—or any member of the animal kingdom, just to be on the safe side. Believe me, you’re better off criticizing their children.

Or perhaps: Rule #4: With very few exceptions, you should keep quiet and let people talk. They’ll tell you what they want, but don’t be wasting valuable brain time and energy trying to listen, when you should instead be thinking up some way to avoid telling them that what they want is impossible. This is called diplomacy or sales technique. However, if you suddenly get the feeling that they’re actually waiting for you to speak, simply ask them the world’s most seductive question, which is, of course: What are you thinking? Just be sure to specify that you’re asking it in reference to real estate.

Now back then, there was nothing much I could do with my little book—it having such a narrow audience and all—but nevertheless I sent it on an impulse to Ms. Stacey Moncrieff over at Realtor Magazine, who must’ve shared my enthusiasm for nurturing beginners, since she was so kind as to ask me to write some whimsically decorative icing for her otherwise heavy cake of a financial supplement. Encouraged, I then sent my adventures off to a few publishers, who predictably found my niche too small; while after that, self-publishing in paperback unsurprisingly went nowhere; and then when creeping arthritis forced me to go inactive, I just took the book off the market until today.

Because today—having already put the rest of my literature out there on the cybershelf—I decided I might as well put Adventures in Real Estate back out there too; and so with that in mind, here’s some free checkout codes for all my Smashwords eBooks—good for rest of the year—should you care to take a look.

Adventures in Real Estate: PG86D

Moot Points and Pithy Remarks: LC57C

Ophelia: YS52M

Vortex: LM45T

Norman: KM58M

Mind Games and Mysterious Strangers: CN52J

Things a Monkey Could Cook: KH32P


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