No clothes for 6 months…

No clothes for 6 months… I went in my closet and saw I have and addiction to clothes! There are clothes everywhere and things I forgot I have. Clothes I have not ever worn. Things I have bought and did not return that needed to be. How much wasted money did I spend on all this? I would say thousands over the years. Here is the important conclusion I came to; there are millions of people out there that go without. I could be doing something better with that money. Also why do I do that? It fills a void. Now what is that void? I have to look at it. It is important because there is a great life lesson in there to be learned. I plan on learning it So… I have decided to not buy any new clothes for six months. Yep until July 12, 2014 not one penny is going to clothes. Well I already wanted to buy something. I had to remind myself of my commitment. I will be blogging about my journey along the way. I hope you will join me… Bari Beckett

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