GoldieBlox is Making Toys to Turn Girls Into Engineers

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I think this is what it must have felt like to watch the first moon landing or the first television broadcast...

I just found out about GoldieBlox, a company whose slogan is "Disrupting the pink aisle." What I am about to write makes it sound like I am part of the GoldieBlox marketing team: I have no connections to GoldieBlox whatsoever, I am just a woman blown away by the idea that there is a commercial I would be excited to show my daughters. 

In their AMAZING new ad, GoldieBlox has re-written the Beastie Boys' hit "Girls" as a feminist anthem. I dare you to watch this video and not join me in hoping a million girls get a GoldieBlox toy this holiday season. 

Even better, GoldieBlox is one of four finalists competing for a SuperBowl ad slot, sponsored by Intuit. You can vote to help this company get history changing exposure. Can you imagine seeing a GoldieBlox ad standing proud next to the sexy-ladies-pouring-beer-and-writhing-on-cars standard SuperBowl fare? 

My fingers are crossed that someday GoldieBlox become the go-to gift Barbies used to be. 

From their website:

Building games for girls to inspire future engineers 

At GoldieBlox, our goal is to get girls building. We’re here to help level the playing field in every sense of the phrase. By tapping into girls strong verbal skills, our story + construction set bolsters confidence in spatial skills while giving young inventors the tools they need to build and create amazing things.

In a world where men largely outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math...and girls lose interest in these subjects as early as age 8, GoldieBlox is determined to change the equation. Construction toys develop an early interest in these subjects, but for over a hundred years, they've been considered "boys toys". By designing a construction toy from the female perspective, we aim to disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers.

We believe there are a million girls out there who are engineers. They just might not know it yet. We think GoldieBlox can show them the way.

Goldie Blox

Elizabeth Morrow

CEO, Yoga by Numbers®


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