The Advice I Wish I'd Received: Strollers

We are going to have to move out of our house. Simply put, we don’t have enough storage space for all of the strollers.

When darling daughter was on her way, we were oblivious to what the actual baby transport needs would be. I ended up with one giant stroller.

My main sources of guidance were: (1) families I saw around town, as I started at them and their stroller gear; (2) the book Baby Bargains; and (3) the “Top Registry Items” at every baby superstore in the area.

Of course I needed the full Graco travel system. Forty pounds of trunk filler.

And then, she arrived.

I soon decided I needed a jogging stroller, too. She detested going with me on runs, so it became a “gravel path adventure stroller.”

She got bigger and, tired of lugging the stupid giant Graco around, I got an umbrella stroller.

No one reminded me that just because an item is popular, I might not need it.

No one told me to consider if I hoped to have another child, either.

Enter baby boy.

Stroller 4: A massive tandem stroller that has removable seats so it can be used with either one or two kids.

Stroller 5: A double jogger a friend gave me in case my kids ever sleep through the night and I have the energy to actually exercise.

(And I failed to mention #5 ½: the snap and go stroller frame to make newbornhood easier.)

It is out of control in my garage. Forget cars and a lawn mower – It is a stroller graveyard.

I’m not sure exactly what the right configuration would be, exactly, but I do know things went terribly wrong here. Ye expecting parents, beware.

Originally posted at It Builds Character

Tracy May is editor and contributor at It Builds Character...and other parenting cliches, a group blog about parenting survival.


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