Advice from My 62 Year Old Self: 12 Key Lessons

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I always love "advice to my younger self" type posts. Simply because if we are purposeful about it, we do become wise women as we continue to experience life. There are always some time-tested lessons (like - I should've listened to my mother!) and new epiphanies that only the living can bring. Here is a great post from Adela of The Black Tortoise on what her 62 year old self would say to her younger self.

I had a good head-start in life with such a wise woman for a guide. Still, I had a lot to learn from life. I didn’t always listen.

If my sixty-two year old self could advise my 22 year old self, here’s what I would say (besides listen to your mother):

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Advice to my younger self

Image: Ben Burkland/Carolyn Cook via Flickr