Advil Relief in Action

Advil® supports and provides relief to active volunteers everywhere who don’t let pain get in the way of helping others.

We know that when others count on you, letting tough pain stop you is not an option – that’s why you’ve got Advil®. In 2013, the makers of Advil® are honoring & supporting the commitment of active volunteers – those people who don’t let pain get in the way of providing relief to others. 

To showcase our support, we’re partner with Habitat for Humanity® International and Wounded Warrior Project® to recognize the hard work of volunteers and relieve the tough pain that comes along with putting your all into giving back.

This year, we are enabling shoppers to contribute to these causes when they choose Advil®. Through retail purchases and on-site support, Advil® will show its commitment to those who give back with product contributions and up to $550,000 in financial contributions.

We’re asking Americans to join us in providing Relief in Action by sharing their inspiring photos with us through #ReliefinAction, and we’ll showcase all the hard work that active volunteers do every day.

Because Every Bucket Counts

 A little over a year ago my parents' neighborhood flooded.  A devastating summer wildfire on the mountains above their home left a huge burn scar and when the fall rains came, instead of soaking up the water, the ash and mud came sliding down the mountain and into many homes.  My parents' home was spared but their neighborhood looked like a devastation zone. ...more

Advocacy and Taking Action

Being a teacher means that you're a volunteer whether you think you are or not. So many times during my 200 plus days an academic year I volunteer to advocate for my children both inside and outside the classroom. Sometimes it's small, like paying for a child's lunch, but other times I've been called in to help take care of a student (or several) who is having difficulties getting access to basic things like clean clothes and hot meals....more

Advil® Relief in Action: The Heart Behind a Helping Hand

In todays world, we are faced with so many tragedies from natural disasters to poverty to everyday sadness and crime. There is always a cause that is in need of attention, help, and resources. If you go online to search for volunteer opportunities, you will be faced with thousands of pages that are asking for your help. If you turn on the news, you are informed of something heartbreaking...more

Walking The Walk

Talk is cheap.Words are plentiful, but deeds are precious.Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does.We've all heard the sayings, and we know they're true....more

Running to Feed People #reliefinaction

For the past 10 weeks, in anticipation of the holidays, Wednesdays have been devoted to recipes for holiday treats.  While I will have a sweet recipe for you tomorrow, in the spirit of holiday giving, I am going to deviate a bit today to talk about another passion of mine - running.  Not just running for fun, though I like to do that too.  Today I want to talk about running to help feed people in need....more

Family Volunteering and Giving Back Through Decorating

From helping rebuild homes and businesses devastated by Superstorm Sandy, to rebuilding homes for people in need through Habitat for Humanity® International, or being the ultimate volunteer-a-veteran or soldier of our armed forces, Advil® is honoring volunteers who actively give back to help others. As part of this Advil® Relief In Action campaign, I was asked to write this sponsored post about ways in which I actively participate in volunteer work....more

Susan G Komen Race #ReliefinAction

I know this isn't food; I promise I'll have more food for you soon, but I wanted to share this with you. My girls and I did our first 5K race. It's probably not fair to call it a race. We more walked than ran this 5K. But this really wasn't about our speed anyway. It was about getting involved and being part of making a difference....more

Anchorage Downtown Soup Kitchen & the Advil® Relief in Action Initiative

Last winter, my food-writer friend Jennifer McGovern invited me to take a tour of the Downtown Soup Kitchen in Anchorage, Alaska. The new building was still in progress at the time; it was just weeks before its grand opening. As I walked through the premises, I imagined what it might be like filled with volunteers, clients, and hot meals....more

Volunteerism Shout Out with Advil®!

Today’s post is a special one - I’m working with Advil® to talk about volunteerism and in turn getting to highlight one of my most favorite people who embodies doing good....more

Advil® Relief in Action and our Amazing Friends

I know disasters happen. They happen all of the time... normally in other parts of the country, happening to nameless and faceless people very far away. I've always felt horrible for all of those people that those things were happening to. I've donated money and even sent supplies, but I never thought much more about it past that. After I had done something to help, I kind of forgot about it....more