Affordable Grilling for Summer

The Washington Post recently ran a great article on Affordable Summer Grilling. (thanks Beef Daily Blog!)

You can grill great on a budget by using some of the lower-priced
cuts such as such as flank, skirt, Texas-style boneless ribs (chuck
ribs), Seven (chuck) steaks and sirloin steak.  Part of the secret to
getting top quality out of value cuts is marinating.  Another is
grilling properly:  Cook hot and hard for 2-3 minutes, then back the
heat off and cook a bit slower to the desired doneness.  Tougher steaks
should be grilled only to medium rare--never medium-well or beyond by
this method.   If you like your meat past medium-rare, then I recommend
you braise (cook slowly in liquid) first until tender, then grill for
the final flavor.

If you are able to buy your meat directly from the producer, you
have some extra advantages in selecting value cuts that cook like more
expensive ones.  In the case of our own Wild Type Ranch
beef,  we DNA test and select for tenderness, and also harvest each
beef individually at the right blend of marbling and backfat.  Our
sirloins, for instance, stack up favorably against commodity-grade
(i.e.typical grocery store) ribeyes on tenderness and surpass them for

Because I know the identity of the steer from which each steak I
sell comes (and we've eaten a steak from each one before we sell any),
I am also able to give my customers cooking tips specific to the day's
purchase.  We've got some beeves from which even our stew beef cubes
are suitable for kabobs!

Fire up the grill, visit your Farmer's Market and enjoy some great eating!


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