After Crying...

I look a mess after crying last night and all for something I have no control over. Other than being in control of my own emotions, which apparently I have none of. It seems ridiculous to me to allow myself to get so worked up but thats how it happens. I need to focus more each day on how to separate my emotions from those things that I cannot change or cannot obtain in this case.

Its a waste of my emotion and a drain on my self-esteem and my beauty. I have got to learn. I have got to learn. I keep chasing after love when I know that I am not ready for it. I have to keep tweaking out my character, my personality and my mind to better shape it to what I truly want and require for myself to live a happy, full and content life.

Thats what Im working on. Going to talk to my mentor today...she lives by faith & thats the only thing I can depend on...though I know I need to live by it as well. Working on that too.

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