After rain comes sunshine

It has been rainy weather for a couple of days now. Specially yesterday but
today the sun is back, not sure how warm it will get though. On the
other hand I kind of like when it rains. I do like the sunshine too : -)
First sunny and warm and then some rain do speed up everything like the
trees, flowers and pollen! It is nice to see the trees and grass
getting greener  and flowers popping up, the sky is blue and the sun is
shining so lovely. But sometimes it can take away all the brightness
because of the pollen and the allergies it may cause.

They say that spring is early this year, 3-4 weeks earlier than
usual. But as I recall last Spring was early too.  In Sweden we
celebrate Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May. Which last year was
May 25. By that time I already had got my self a really nice tan : -D.

This year Mother’s Day in Sweden will take place on Sunday May 31 and maybe I will have a nice tan by then as well ; -).

This Mother’s Day will be a tiny different from last year because of
the divorce of last summer but it’s not going to change the meaning of
Mother’s Day and that is the most import thing : -)


Spellbound Sky


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