After some thought...

I do not believe I forgot about my first love and long-time goal - to own my own book store! Since I was a little girl I have wanted to do this, and have been preparing for it for years. You should see my apartment! There are books everywhere.

I found three independent rep opportunities that I like, although I still like the idea of starting from scratch, because it would be ALL mine, from start to finish, uniquely me.

Since working for an independent bookseller last year, I learned a few things about the biz, and I am familiar with distributors and warehouses, and the processes involved. I also learned how NOT to run a biz.

There is a space for lease about two blocks away from home, in a shopping center I go to weekly for smoothies. I might look at it next week. But there are four used bookstores here, a couple independent booksellers, one of which I worked for, and several of the big 'uns.

I want something different to offer Huntsville. When I first moved here I thought there was no African American bookseller, so I was ready to be that. But then I found one. He is way on the other side of town, practically in the country.

I feel we need one nearer to this city. He is a really nice man, and I have much respect for those who are the first to do anything positive. But biz is biz. We might get to be good friends who can help each other!

But I would like to come up with something nobody is offering here.

There are things to consider with both an independent opportunity, branching off from another idea, and a fresh-starter, having to do everything for the biz yourself, from the ground up. I will be making out a couple lists so that I can decide. It will be done, it's just that proper planning is a must for it to succeed.

There are no available movie theaters here. I was really looking to first find one that is up for sale, or is abandoned or something, but no luck. I heard rumor that there used to be a dollar theater here a long time ago, but have yet to discover exactly where it was, or if it has been converted into something else, or what.

So that is another thing to check into. Perhaps I can combine a movie theater and book store together? A "Books and plays that have been made into movies" theater? :-) Just playing...

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