When you think of all that is going on after the Boston Marathon bombings , the temptation is to let your hope slip to the bottom of your toes. 'How could this happen' ?,we think , 'why weren't they stopped'? "What could make a seemingly" nice " guy" , who had everything going for him ,turn to such a violent crime ?' We do not know how a human heart can contain such a disdain for fellow human beings that they would ,reportedly ,set a bomb down in front of a little boy. I have heard it said that bitterness is like drinking poison in the hope that the other person would die .Maybe that is what happened.... we do not know . All we are left with are the heartbreaking results rendered from decisions that started in someone 's heart and mind .

       I am left with the resolve that,no matter how small, I must step up my game to be kinder , more loving , more helpful to my family and those around me .Who knows when a kind word may take root in the heart- brokenness of another ,causing the bitterness to dissipate into thin air, and good things, not destruction, to result.

     "And whatever you do ,do it  heartily as to the Lord and not to men  Colossians 3:23

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