Afternoon Discussion Group: My Blog as a Life Changer


Deb Rox and Diane Lang

Speaker 1: Diane Lang

You have to vulnerable, you have to be willing to take a chance in order to be vulnerable. We all have some similarities, whether is parenting, cultures, careers. Everyone has something in common, but we also have something very unique and important to you. But it is very important for you to be authentic. It is so important for you to be true to yourself.
Blog your truth, blog your life, blog who you are as a person.

Join an ad network, such as, and there are other ad networks, there's a lot of different ad networks out there. You have to get a post up.

National Blog Post month. It builds confidence, keep blogging, keep writing.

You will find it really liberating to put something out. None of our maps look the same at all, but they all lead in the same direction.
Going back to our first session were you wrote, where would you go.

Speaker 2: Deb Rox

Indecision and I know where I'm going. Form of line against the room.
Note where you are right now. These are the folks that are moving forth to know where they are going. They are really in touch with where they are going.

We are amazing resources to each. As soon as you get to know where you going, you will want to start over.

Take note where you are, where you'll want to be.

Table Activity:

List out, what's going for you right now.
Where I want to go, I really need a business partner. What is missing, what you need in order to get to that next step.

Activity Handout:

You know you have the resources.
I have what I need to make this happen.

I could use a mentor.
I could use a little help.

- It doesn't have to be concrete. It could be something about your personality.

- A lot of you seem to be lacking time. You need help.
- Contribute in two ways:
1) ask the group something that you need
2) run over and give that person with your business card, or a resource that they can use.
Please write down what people are offering to give you.

You can cross publish on the BlogHer Network.
Pick a day, and share things with people on your blog.
Read backwards to see how many times a word comes up.