The age of questions





It is easy to feel frustrated with life, at times we have so many plans such high expectations, and the dreams we seek seem near and yet so distant. I have currently been struggling through my first novel, as a writer your supposed to look with a keen eye at all the minutia details, it's the gap that separates you from the fold and the inbetween. I thought honestly about love, and life. The loves of our youth triumph of our teenage generations, the memories that cloud us like little picture gram s and follow us like curious strangers. Then i thought this myth , this desperation about aging, we are a society that contradicts itself, when we are young were desperate to come of age, when we are older we inject ourselves with botox, and busy ourselves with items that make us look half our age. When were light we  yearn for the summer bronze and tans, when were dark,some of us bleach, are human beings capable of simply being satisfied with where  they are. Although if they were it would draw an end to all the get rich quick scams. What do you think, give me your input, and sign up!:




Otatade Okojie


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