Aging Backwards – Secrets To Staying Young

I appreciate Jackie Silver. She is a Facial Magic devotee and she is very vocal about how she loves to exercise her face. Thank you for your meaningful words and your willingness to share your beauty secrets with women of the world.


bSmart interviewed anti-aging expert Jackie Silver, founder about her tips on staying young, favorite products and how you can buy her book Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young.

Aging Backwards starts on the inside. – Jackie Silver

What are your top five tips for staying young?

Tip 1) Exercise for 10 minutes a day.

Exercise is the fountain of youth.

Tip 2) Get 7-8 hours of sleep.

Studies show that our bodies “tune up” while we’re sleeping.

Tip 3) Laughter is the best medicine.

Studies show laughter changes the make-up of your system.

Tip 4) Watch your diet.

Supersize your veggies and half-size everything else.

Tip 5) Volunteer and giveback.

Find ways to give back on

If there was ONE thing we could start doing today to begin aging backwards, what would it be?

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Cynthia Rowland - Facial Fitness Expert


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