A Rock Star. Finally! Thanks to Mom's Fashion File at BlogHer'11

A pink carpet. A hundred onlookers. Cameras.

And me, about to strut my stuff.

I couldn't wait.

It took me a long time to celebrate this, to own my beauty, to silence the inner critic, to become comfortable in my own skin.

This was my time to shine.

I spent most of my teens and 20s feeling insecure and unattractive and like I didn't fit in. I focused on my career, and in my 30s, met and married my husband. I had three kids (two at home), ran two marathons, and now, at age 42, I like who I am.

So when I was chosen to receive a styling from the Moms Fashion File, I was thrilled. Because I want my exterior to match my interior. Yoga pants and a mom pony don't scream MOMFIDENCE!

Here is what happened:

The clothes selected for me were from Anne Taylor Loft and unfortunately, were too big. Which normally is a great problem to have, but these were the only options for my styling.

Stylist Jill Simonian was determined to make me look fab. Her brilliant idea? To turn my shirt around so the pretty zipper was in the front. Then she risked personal injury by poking a hole in a sparkly double-wrap belt so I could wear it around my waist, cinching in the shirt. The jeans, though baggy, were the perfect length for me, and I got to pick a fun pair of Dr. Scholl's - yes THE Dr. Scholl's - stack-heeled sandals. I can't say enough how comfortable they were.

Next, I got my hair curled with a flat iron by the talented women of Detour Salon. I have no idea how they created the curls they did. Even though I watched them. Even though they explained it to me. Over and over.

Then it was time to meet professional celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler. I told her to make this middle-aged mom of three look good. She informed me I could totally work fake eyelashes. People? It was like having spiders glued onto my eyelids. They were SO long. Truth is, I loved them. And she was right - I so did work them. They were something I’d never do for myself - could you imagine wearing them in the school drop-off line? - so they made me feel completely glam.

I then got my nails done with nail polish by Scotch Naturals. This stuff is unreal. It's made from all-natural ingredients, and there's no odor. I mean, REALLY no odor. Great for touchups while waiting for your kid to be done with dance class/gymnastics/soccer etc. And to put on your kids' nails.

I was done. I looked in the mirror and what I saw was beautiful. I saw myself - only better.

The only thing left? Walk to the pink carpet at the Style Suite party, thrown by my gorgeous and talented friend Andrea of SavvySassyMoms and the incredibly lovely Nicole (Momtrends) and Alison (Sassy Moms in the City).

Andrea had me come out last, and I made the most of my moment.

I posed. I twirled. I might have slapped my ass.

I was a rock star.

And it was crazily fun.

I am not perfect. But I am me, and THAT is perfect.


beforepicture afterpicture

*Before and After*

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