Ah, BlogHer

Ah, BlogHer.


I must say, I find you fascinating. Fascinating and completely intimidating. There are women here writing on actual, intelligent topics. Whereas my blog deals heavily in poop.


I love my blog. I struggle with ideas and topics. What I want my tone to be or what to post on which days.


But compared to BlogHer I am clearly a start-up compared to Proctor & Gamble. I come here for inspiration but often find myself intimidated. What is it about the idea that someone else is successful that makes me think that I cannot be? Is it that they have come so far and I can't believe I could do that much work? Or jsut that I think there are a limited number of spots for success and now I am aware another is occupied.


I'm not sure, frankly. I do know the blank page on BlogHer intimidates me much more than my little Blogspot page. But I love writing - so it's up to me to find some topics that I feel confident writing about in this space. I may have a long way to go but I can climb this mountain. I can also mix metaphors with the best of them.


So, watch out BlogHer.


Kristin (KLZ)


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