Good morning world!!! News flash!! Apparently this girl snores! pssshhh i don't believe it. This perfect angel in no way sounds like a logger buzzing along. hhummph I'm fairly certain at this point that it had to be Jeremy and he woke himself up and needed to place the blame elsewhere!! WHO DOES THAT!!!! ;) Nice way to start off my Monday, I'm very much a Garfield when it comes to Monday.....not....a....fan. My eyes seem heavier in the morning, my coffee never brews fast enough, and my kid has been possesed by the devil. Oh well such is life.

         I did quite recently have one of those special moments that i mentioned to you. I managed to lose my keys. Not not just oh haha I left then on a different counter, or still in the door(which I do....all the time) NOOOOOOOO NO. I did a number on myself this time. Not only did I rip the house apart, but Jer did to, twice. Tore his truck apart.....twice. These babies were gooooone. I do however remember thinking to myself when I set them down,  "Jess, that is a bad idea. You're not going to remember where you put them!!" But did this girl move them from said hiding spot? Oh no. So, several days later as I'm contemplating having to get new locks on the doors, a new key for the truck, I decide to wash the sheets on the bed. And I'll be a son of a gun they are under my flippin second pillow....again..... WHO DOES THAT!!!!!???  Needless to say I wore the "you're a special one" cap around the house for the next few days. Luckily my man will misplace things around this house as much if not more than I do. I swear we need a dry erase board with a list of items that when we put them down we have to go write the location on the board. oooh LIGHTBULB!!!!






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