Ahhh, Christmas, Crockpots, and Coffee

I admit, I am the quintessential early bird.  The ability to hop out of bed and be instantly "on" is something I have always enjoyed.  My husband, the long suffering Don, claims this trait is unnatural. Considering that he wrote the book on being a night owl and his suffering from chronic insomnia, I take no offense at this condemnation.  On the contrary, our differences stand us in good stead on many occasions.   Long road trips work out well for us, I taking the early morning departures and my spouse taking the wheel in the evenings when my eyes and my attention are all tuckered out.    

But I digress,  this is one of the special "me" times that I enjoy.  Early morning on holidays when all my loved ones, including the hounds are all asleep and I am in my haven, the kitchen.  Up before 6 a.m., I have already: unloaded the dishwasher, started the hen in the crockpot, seared and placed the roast in the other crockpot.   Made a pot of my special weekends & holiday coffee and am sitting in quiet contemplation of, well, many things.  

A bonafide first for us this year is the fact that we are truly empty nesters now and have no one else in the house, well, not counting our four greyhounds.  Having hosted the family Christmas Eve event on Sunday night, the spouse and I spent a quiet Christmas Eve together for the first time since we started dating a million years ago.  There were always other obligations, visiting his parents and my family's party, we had to choreograph the hours of Chirstmas Eve and Christmas Day carefully.  Before the children were born, we had to get up early, hurry through our Christmas presents, dress and get to my parent's house for breakfast,   arrive at my in-laws for Christmas luncheon and then somehow eat again at whichever relative of mine was hosting my family's Christmas dinner.   Then the progeny arrived and we evolved to starting some of our own traditions which involved staying home on Christmas Day so the kids could enjoy their Santa Claus .

But now, no one else in my extended family is able to host and the Manor has become the default gathering place, at least for my side of the family.   My children are still getting settled in their own lives and are not at the place yet, to take up the mantle of tradition.   Time passes and things change.   I will enjoy the holidays we host at the Manor but will look forward to going to my children's homes when they are ready to start their own traditions.  We will be thankful to be included but are content to wait and let them evolve.  

I try to appreciate every day I am given and make the most of it.  Enjoying the fog-enveloped mountain scenery this quiet morning, has been very special.   I hope your Christmas is everything you wanted it to be.  God Bless!!   

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