Aiming for the top 100

This blog post is a bit self-serving, I will admit that right out of the gate, but it's not spam.  While I do have a purpose, the main purpose is to tell my story.

Seven years ago a novella I wrote was released by a tiny little epublisher that didn't even stay in business for a full year.  That novella, a little over 16 thousand words long, wasn't the first story I'd had published, and by far not the last, but has by far been a favorite of mine, and of readers.

I wrote "A Reason to Stay" under the pen name Delinda Jasper.  It is a romance, some would call it erotica, some erotic romance, I call it spicy sweet romance.  There is some language not suitable for teens and some people who dislike strong sex scenes.  But, all in all, it has been called a "sexy and sweet love story", and more by kind reviewers and readers.

The main characters, Ellie and Jake are more like family members than characters in a story.  The story has always been special to me, though I don't really know why.  Possibly because with the first review, all those many years ago, it was the first time I really knew for sure that people liked what I wrote.  Over seven years A Reason to Stay has been through three publishers and I now keep it independently published.  While every other early story and novella I have written has gone out of print, and stayed there, I keep A Reason available, not because it makes me a lot of money, but because of the feeling I get every time I see a reader's review or even a sale.  Also, because it AMAZES me.

I feel like A Reason to Stay is the little e-book that could.  It has never been a massive best seller (no 50 Shades here), it is way too short and under marketed for that.  But this tiny little ebook, 7 years after its first publication still gets sales every single month.  And, 7 years later, new reviews (good reviews) are still popping up.  Every time I think it has run its course and it is time to pull it down, someone hunts me down and emails me about how much they enjoyed it.

So, it stays.  And it will stay as long as there is a reason.  And the reason is the readers.

Though I wrote this story, half the time it doesn't feel like it.  I go back and read it and think "Wow, this writer is more clever than me".  It's NOT spectacular, it's not New York Times Best Seller worthy... but it's sweet and funny, and I feel like it wrote itsself, more than I did. 

So, my purpose here today is to ask you to go pick it up., I am NOT asking you to BUY my book.  From October 24-28 I am offering it for free on Amazon Kindle.  FREE!  Go pick it up.  Read it if you want.  You don't have to tell me if you do, or if you like it (though it gives me a pick-me-up when people do).  I want to honor this "little-ebook-that-could" by trying to get it into the top 100 FREE on Amazon.  This won't help me financially...the books are free and I do not, as Delinda Jasper, have any other books available that this book would promote.  It is just me, wanting that one little selfish moment of glory. 

I know that all of the sales over 7 years put together would get it up there, even if for just one hour...but we can't add all of those up.  So, if you read this, (assuming Blogher doesn't think it is spam and take it down), please go over to Amazon and buy A Reason to Stay by Delinda Jasper FOR FREE and then share the link with your friends so they can do the same. 

And if you do read it and you do like it (or don't) let me know.  It doesn't have to be through a public review (though they are always welcome) but you can go over to my website OR here and comment or send me a private message or email. 



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