Ain't no Mary Poppins here

I am sitting on the couch watching Ice Age 2 with my toddler. We have been up since 6am. I have changed my eldest son's sheets after an 'incident' and it is now 7:23am. It is the summer holidays and this seems to be our routine. We get up stupid early no matter what time they get to bed. Juice for the toddler. Wii for the 6 year old. Breakfast is cereal or a sandwich. Homemade pancakes every other morning provided the cupboard has syrup because essentially pancakes are syrup delivery systems. Play outside in the yard for 1 hour then get ready for heading out to a play group or some sort of activity. I'm usually the nut job rolling around in the dirt, climbing the castle or chasing the boys around 'Fe Fi Fo Fum, watch out boys here comes Mum!' Home for lunch which my toddler more often than not refuses and then the eldest writes and does a few chores before being allowed electronics for 40 mins. Toddler sleeps for 1-2 hours and I clean up and sit down. By the afternoon when he gets up, I am shattered. This is the time when my patience wears thin. I try to go to the park where they can have fun without having to organise activities. Then get dinner ready and manage the chaos until Daddy comes home.

I remember being pregnant and staying over at a friend's place who had a two year old. She started each day with a loud singing sessions designed around her child. Each morning they packed a snack bag and went to the zoo or a play group. Anothe mother I know has a whole routine every morning of french practice, piano practice, chores, crafts and writing. That is everyday before school. Granted her children are 7 and 9 but still I worry that I am raising our boys with a lazy routine.  Sometimes I think of her perfectly planned mornings and feel pangs of guilt. Oh well, I'll sort it out when I have another cup of coffee.


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