Airborne Saves The Day


About a month ago, as I was preparing for a relaxing trip to the Carribean, I began to worry that one of the many bugs that my kids carry home from the preschool might just wreak havoc on my vacation plans.  I did the obvious stuff to keep myself healthy, good diet, exercise and lots of handwashing.  However, sure enough, right before my trip I felt an illness coming on.  It was one of those hit-by-a-truck feelings right before the flu comes on.  I went into panic mode and decided that I must cure myself before this flu takes me out and ruins my trip!  I ran to the store and came across Airborne, an herbal supplement claiming to boost one’s immune system and ward off infection.  Although I’ve always been a skeptic of herbal cure-alls, I grabbed a box and ran home to take it.  Immediately after returning home I popped one of the berry flavored lozenges into a glass of water, watched it fizz, and chugged it.  For the rest of the day I took it easy and just prayed that it would work.  Surprising as it was, I woke up the next morning feeling great!  It worked.  I was ecstatic and my vacation was fantastic.  Knowing that this may have been a one time occurence and that Airborne may not have been what cleared up my imminent illness, I wanted to try it out a few more times to see if it truly worked.  Well, in the last month my husband and I both began coming down with some winter bugs and we tried some Airborne.  Again, the next morning we felt great!  So far this wonderful little immune booster known as Airborne has worked every time.  I would highly recommend that everyone keep a box of this handy little bug blocker in the medicine cabinet.  It has truly been a life saver!

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