Air-Brushing Your Kids' School Pics?

Dee was just telling me that the Munchkin's Kindergarten school pics aren't all that great. She had tears on her face (?) and a fake smile. But, you know, it's hit or miss with school pictures.


Or is it?


She then informed me that for five dollars, she can pay the school picture people to retouch any flaws or blemishes.


On kindergarteners.


We both agreed that even if our kids had a big old gash on their forehead, we wouldn't retouch. We'd look at it years later and say, "That's when you fell and smashed your face the night before pictures! REMEMBER?"


Maybe we're in the minority. So I thought I'd ask: would you retouch our kids' school pics?


(Though I kind of wish I could retouch my school pics. With someone elses' face entirely. Ahem.)



@FireMom from Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land


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