Airplane Parenting: Tips for Trips with Kids

As I have mentioned before, I am also writing for ModernMom and posted there recently on traveling with kids on planes.  Seems funny, since one of my best BlogHer buddies has written about vaginas and stress incontinence.  Check out Laine’s post, as she provides some excellent counsel wrapped in humor and experience.
The world is getting all turned around!!  Not really, as there are many facets to our beings and we all experience different aspects of the world at different times.   Right now, I am about traveling with kids.  While Laine, who has 2 small children and is a creative and skilled website developer and graphic designer is about vaginas.  I believe that no matter what we do a peaceful way of being is beneficial for health, peace of mind and family tranquility.  Hope you find this post helpful and informative, as you travel with your kids either by boat, train, plane or automobile.

Kids at King's Island

Imagine 3 spirited kids reading quietly on the plane. 


It seems like forever since I last posted - it’s been about a month - the reason being that my family and I just returned from a prolonged, yet planned vacation to Europe. While away, I gained some amazing insights, and learned some clever things parents do to make traveling easier and more enjoyable.
To note, I have 4 grandchildren - 3 of which are from one family - and have done quite a bit of traveling with them, mostly on planes. My daughter has done a great job of finding ways to keep her kids entertained during cross-country flights, and as a result, this post will focus on air travel with kids, ranging from the ages of two-to-eight years of age.



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