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In less than two weeks, 4000 bloggers and blog lovers will meet in New York for the 8th annual BlogHer conference.  If this is your first time or even if this is your 8th time, there is plenty of advice to glean from the bloggers below who have written about everything from how to get the most out of the conference to how to get over those pre-conference jitters as well as answering the ever-important question of what to pack.

Good Day, Regular People recounts her first BlogHer, which was last year in San Diego, when she was chosen for Voices of the Year and now had to show up for a conference she had never considered attending.

Going to a BlogHer conference was something for The Blogging Giants, but not me. I instinctively discounted myself because BlogHer was Big Time; the world's biggest conference for the world's biggest bloggers. Established veterans who sit 'round the campfire telling tales of yore of when everyone visited everyone's blog and commented.

Of course she discovered what you probably already know: that BlogHer is for everyone.  From newbies to seasoned veterans.  From food bloggers to book bloggers.  It is about walking into a hotel full of people who get it.  Who understand why you're jotting down notes or taking pictures or constructing blog posts in your head.

Catnip and Coffee has written out the best advice she has to give on how to do the conference stress-free from wearing comfortable shoes and clothes to bringing an abundance of business cards to pass out.  I've been to many many BlogHers by this point, and I still found great advice in her bullet points.

Nervous about attending the conference? is going for the first time, and she writes about the importance of surrounding yourself with women who cheer you on instead of tear you down.  If you don't have a wingwoman going into the conference, I promise you that you'll meet one there if you leave yourself open to conversations and connections.

Sure Avitable is a guy, but there are plenty of BlogHims that you'll find at the conference.  And his advice is spot on:

You know that thing you do where you actually draw all of your strength and force yourself to sit next to that stranger hoping that she’ll just start talking to you?  She’s probably just as shy and nervous as you are, waiting for you to talk first.  And don’t just hang around the periphery of a group of people talking, dive right in! Introduce yourself, talk to them about what they write, and you may find your newest best friend (or at least a new Facebook friend). Here are some icebreakers to use.

Seriously, some of the best advice you'll read to keep you in the right frame of the mind for the whole conference.

Lastly, My Very Educated Mother has what you should be doing right now.  As in RIGHT NOW, before you ever get to the conference (and by "right now," I really mean, after you leave a comment on this post telling me your best conference advice).  Go check out the #blogher12 hashtag on Twitter.  Read what people are saying in a forum.  Think about which panels you want to attend.

So, what other advice have you gleaned from past BlogHer conferences that you can pass along?

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Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.


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