Back to blogging after a little break. The reason for the lapse in writing was because our dog, Ruger, (like the gun) had become very ill and after a few days of watching him decline, and knowing there was nothing left that could be done, we made the heart-wrenching decision to have him put to sleep; euthanized. So final, so sad; a decision no one ever wants to make, but as  humans, we act as humanely as possible. We take a look at the cold, hard facts and make the decision that as our vet put it, “was the right thing to do.” From the lymphoma diagnosis on my birthday last October, we were blessed to have him  almost seven more months.

Ruger was, as I repeatedly told him,  the first and last Labrador we would ever own. Not because I dislike the breed, but because this particular Lab was totally neurotic. If you recall the movie, Marley and Me, you got a glimpse of what a Lab is capable of doing. The breed is large and strong, not too smart but smart enough. An eating machine that licked the plates as I loaded them in the dishwasher and dripped gallons of water from his jowls onto the floor after a long drink from his bowl. He preferred sleeping on the couches and chairs (when we weren’t looking) and scratched at the doors constantly; signalling his urge to go out and in, and in and out, and out and in….you get the idea. He just couldn’t make up his mind as to whether he wanted to be outside with nature, or indoors with his family. He liked it best when the doors were kept open, but that didn’t work once the days grew short and the temperatures fell. He also had a HUGE BARK. This bark would make you jump no matter how many times you heard it. It was always a shock to your system when he released his version of a lion’s roar and you jumped to attention.

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