All that, And a Bag of Chips!

All that, And a Bag of Chips!  


It’s almost lunch….actually, its past lunchtime and I am still working on a spreadsheet, my tummy is growling, and all I want to do is get this job done.

Therefore, feeling stressed, I leave everything and go to get lunch, because I'm hungry and I did not bring lunch from home.

I go to the 7-11 on the corner, buy a couple of “Win For Life” scratch-offs , a bag of my favorite chips Salt & Vinegar, a Diet Doctor Pepper and a large bottled water.


Dark chocolate …(sigh); another weakness; so why do I do it? Eat junk; I am not certain, but I assure you the last time I had a lunch of chips and soda was probably a year ago.  However, the last time I had chocolate was not a year ago. Was I stressed then, probably, yet most days I am. Who isn’t stressed or anxious these days?  Can I blame my stress on one thing…not really…truly I know it’s me, and I need to relax; although in my defense, a year ago was a stressful time for me. In truth I love Salt & Vinegar chips, dark chocolate and yes Diet Dr. Pepper. Do I eat these every day?  No, I don’t …so when I did eat them, did it make me feel better. Not really, or maybe. Did it make me feel worse…nah I don’t thinks so either, but I did feel somewhat guilty afterwards. 


Why should I feel guilty?  Some days it’s okay to divulge in something not so healthy, for that day it’s what I needed.  Because for that one moment,  it was one less thing to worry about…just me, my chips, my Diet Dr. Pepper, and my lottery scratch-off!  I even think I won $20 bucks that day!





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