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On any given day I can sleep for hours on end…unless of course I’ve worked the night before & have to go back in that night. Take today for example: I worked 7pm – 7am, got home around 7:30am & have to be back again at 7pm. It’s almost 1pm & I’m still wide awake.

I came home this morning, put my pj’s on, washed my face, drank a glass of warm milk, took a rapid release 5mg melatonin & was in bed by 8:45am. I used some relaxation techniques & visualized every muscle in my body relaxing, starting with my head & going all the way down to my toes. I was completely relaxed.

It was then when a bird that must have been perched on my bedroom window sill let out the loudest mating cry I’ve ever heard. There went my relaxation…

I looked at the clock & it was 10:21am. I got up, fixed myself another glass of warm milk, took a Benadryl & headed back to bed. Again I started with my relaxation techniques while practicing deep breathing. I laid there for an hour but I could not get comfortable.

I moved to the couch. At any point & time I can lie down on my couch with a House or NCIS marathon on in the background & fall right to sleep. Not today though! So here I am, updating you all on how my journey as a night shift nurse is going.

I have cut out caffeine completely, except for one cup of coffee or can of soda at the beginning of my shift. I’ve still got my black out blinds & my white noise machine in my bedroom to help with the light & sound. I’ve considered that perhaps it’s all in my head, hence the relaxation techniques.

The one thing that I haven’t tried (and I’m still reluctant to do so) is to fully commit to living at night & sleeping during the day – regardless of my work schedule. The world just isn’t night shift friendly, at least the city I live in isn’t. Not to mention the fact that if I’m ever going to find a man I’ll have two dating pools to choose from: my patient's (HIGHLY frowned upon) or Wal-mart’s finest…you know…the ones who come out after dark.

Until the day comes when I decide to live upside down & backwards for good, I’ll keep you posted as I continue trying your home remedies to sleep during the day. So please, keep them coming!

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