All eyes on Mugabe

We are watching Zimbabwe these days.

April, as I sat in my local pub here in Kampala for hours, my eyes
continually glancing at the television in the corner blaring the
election results, I felt a surge of hope. Maybe, just maybe, I kept
telling myself. Maybe, something will change. It was one of those rare
moments where I was so proud of the people in Zimbabwe - all the people
who had the courage to go out and vote. People who have suffered for

At the time, neither party (Mugabe's Zanu-PF or the
opposition MDC party) gained the 50 per cent needed to achieve an
outright win. And so next week, we will (hopefully) watch the run-off

It is all too easy to revert to cynicism
here. Especially when it comes to Mugabe and Zimbabwe, who this week
said, "only God" could remove him from office.

Is there a
solution? Frankly, at the moment, I can't see one. And I wish I could.
The one thing I do know I want is for African leaders themselves to
stand up publicly and push for a more democratic election. And some
certainly have - Angola, Kenya for example. And yet others stay

Next Friday we will watch again with bated breath. And hope.


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