All Eyes on Wisconsin

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In a world like mine where overspending the budget can have serious consequences, I have few political role models to help me.  Among them is beleaguered Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.


When the 2010 election swept Walker into office amid promises of cutting the 3.2 Billion dollar budget deficit, he was something of a Tea Party poster boy. Here, they told us, is how the future of fiscal administration will look - leaner, meaner and smaller.


To the Governor’s credit, and to the total surprise of the members of Wisconsin’s public worker’s unions, Walker immediately stripped away that groups collective bargaining rights and, in short order, eliminated the woeful condition of the State’s treasury.


The upshot of that negotiation was simple enough and managed to save the people of Wisconsin $848 million dollars. These days members of public workers unions must – GASP – actually contribute to their own retirement funds like the rest of us do. Naturally, the Unions were moderately cranky over this and – face it – union workers who previously were living off the fat of the land and liking it had to face life as the rest of us know it.


Of course the battle was bloody, and continues into this election cycle. Tomorrow, with the help of union money and union activists from all over the nation, the Democrats hope to recall Walker and, in his place, enshrine the big spending, big government mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett.


I predict that the people of Wisconsin who are finally seeing jobs returning to the Dairy State thanks to Walker’s pro business stance, will speak out loudly in favor of adopting Walker’s new normal. This, of course, will be a serious blow to the unions across the nation who have long held municipal and state governments in a choke-hold. I say, Yippie!


By the Democrat’s own reckoning, the Wisconsin election will be a precursor to the November elections in which all of Washington’s Congressional seats, a third of the Senate seats and, of course, the Oval Office are up for grabs. I believe that, after tomorrow, the people will have set the Democrat party and the union thugs with whom they associate on their collective ears. Again, I say YIPPIE.


It’s time for big change and it’s coming by way of Wisconsin.

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