All good things must

There are many toys in my bags and there are bags for my toys.  Over the years I have destroyed a few of my toys by not using some type of protection.

Do you have the book?

Have you tried it out yet?

You should?

Here is a good hint- it is nice to try to do some of the things see in porn movies, but if you can’t -Just try to keep it up that is the fun part.

See what happened was….

After about a minute or two, I felt his hand along side of my head guiding the motion and the speed. At different times as I glanced up towards his eyes which were rolled back in his head and his body trembled from time to time.  He closed his mouth to stop the incoherent continuous sound of pleasure, to replace it with the sweet sound of a low hum.

His hands ran across my hair several times gathering it up and then releasing it only to do it again and again.

I relaxed my throat muscles, took a deep breath and covered my teeth with my lips before I rose onto knees, taking in more of his member and slowly sucking hard coming back up to the tip.

“AHHH!” he cried out holding my hair in a bundle on top of my head. I made a motion to continue on, but couldn’t move my head. Each time I made a small gesture to move my head.  He pulled my hair causing me to stop. There we were, a still picture with no one moving.

I felt a little proud of myself knowing that I hit that spot that made him cry out loud. How many times have I released a moan of gratification, satisfaction and pure relief, and now to give it to someone else feels good.

For some reason it felt great to have him pull on my hair the way he did.  I could feel a tingling rush through my body, warming me to the point of boiling.  It was as if that little tug on my hair opened up a hidden door to my FP that was now driving me crazy.

My eyes closed shut as I focused on the many things I wanted to do to him right then and now, not to mention the things I wanted him to do to me.  I felt the moisture increase between my legs, as it began pulsing, vibrating making me dig my nails into his thigh.  He didn’t make a sound but the grip on my hair tightened, still I couldn’t move my head.

He sat on the bed gathering his senses and inhaling gulps of air to quickly releasing it to intake more. His eyes were now focused off in the distances.

“Strike! Foul ball, pop ball, swing and a miss.” He recited several times.

I knew what he was doing and it wasn’t going to work. I let my tongue roll over my lips to land on the tip. I licked the left side and then the right side. Then I started hearing him softly say, “Stop.”

I motioned the tip to be within a millimeter of my bottom lip.  Its throbbing caused a slight tapping that made me laugh.   I pursed my lips together, giving it a single kiss before I sucked it into it between my lips. In a rhythmic motion I let my lips and tongue dance along the tip, only to feel the pull of more hair.

He finally let go of my hair to let me finish and we later made love in the bed until the early morning.  When I awoke he was gone.

“No note? No nothing.” I said to myself as I started wrapping the sheet around my body. I made my way down the stairs to see if he was doing one of those romantic things like making breakfast only to see he had eaten and the bill was paid.


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