All That I Need Is Not Everything

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[Editor's Note: Children come with lessons. At first they seem like they're just snuggly-sweet little muffins of love and light. They teach us that life is bountiful and good and filled with mystery and more love than we could ever have imagined. But as our babies get a little bigger and more complex, their lessons get bigger and more complex, too. Here's what Georgia at Spilled Milklearned about herself recently, thanks to her toddler son. And it's a lesson that's probably a good one for any of us.—Stacy]

Choosing A Pacifier

Every night, my son goes to bed with a pacifier in his mouth, one in each hand, and a Mickey Mouse and a Panda stuffed animal somewhere in his bed. He’s often asked for more pacifiers but I draw the line at three.


Credit Image: Photo by eperales on Flickr

It never fails that every morning when he wakes up, Panda and Mickey Mouse are either on the floor or hanging half off the bed, and at least two of the pacifiers are under the bed. He only really needed one pacifier… just one to pop in and out of his mouth if he wakes up too soon. And yet he insists on having them all—plus the stuffed animals, as though they alone can ward away all manner of bad dreams and bad thoughts.

He only needs one… the others are all discarded throughout the night, strewn this way and that with abandon because even he knows that really? He only needs one.

And this morning I started thinking…

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