All I Really Want for Christmas, Reviewed by Karen Campos

When it comes to Christmas, it all began with a gift. The gift of Jesus to a waiting world. The gift of unconditional love to the lonely. The gift of hope to the hopeless. The gift of peace to those in conflict. The gift of joy to the mundane. The gift of salvation to all who believe.

Today we often become over focused on the gifts we give others. Will they be appropriate? Will they be enjoyed? Will they be appreciated? Will they send the right message?

Or our thoughts drift to what we will receive. That gadget that’s all the rage? That product that will make life easier or more organized? That piece that will complete the collection? We all know kids can’t wait to see what will be under the tree Christmas morning. It’s all they think about, talk about and dream about for at least 24 days straight!!

But look through a different lens with me for just a moment. While many children in blended situations (as our family is) have two families and often two sets of parents that love them and shower them with gifts, have you given any thought lately to the children that have no parents to call their own. No family to call their own. No home to call their own. It is a sobering thought. Orphans. Due to no fault of their own. With no place to belong. No one to love them unconditionally. No one to speak hope or peace or joy into their lives. No one to accept them for who they are. No one to give them a present on Christmas morning.

This topic touches my heart as Technology Man and I have had many conversations over the years about adopting. Consider the hurts in those children’s hearts. Steven Curtis Chapman’s heart was touched by this as well, especially at this time of year, by writing, All I Really Want for Christmas. One of the most longstanding contemporary Christian artists with 20 albums, 57 Dove awards, and five GRAMMYs he and his wife adopted two girls from China. They then started the organization Show Hope to help kids all over the world find forever families! His song expresses their hurts like this. No one to tuck them in. No one to cry with. No one to rejoice with. No dad. No mom. No one to wish them happy birthday year after year. Often feeling alone. Things that we take for granted because we are part of a family; nuclear, blended, functional or not, we claim each other and they claim us (at least most of the time). But so many kids in the world do not have the security a family provides.

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May this song soften your heart to the difference between wants and wishes and heart felt desires and needs. Perhaps it may even in some way prompt you to action or focus your lens a little more clearly this Christmas. Written as a letter to Santa with just one wish…all I really want for Christmas…is a family.

Click to listen to Mariama’s 2 minute take on adoption and forever families!

Has your family been touched by adoption? How can we reach out to these precious children?