All Kinds of Crazy

Yesterday, Miriam Carey rammed into barricades near the U.S. Capitol. When police gave chase she injured two officers by smashing into their cruisers before crashing her own car. Afraid that she was trying to commit terrorism and unaware she was unarmed, the police shot her. Then they found that she had had her baby in the car with her the whole time. That’s “crazy”, right?

Yes, it was absolutely crazy in the most literal sense. She was suffering from post-partum depression and had a history of mental illness, including a family history of schizophrenia. The father of her child had called “the police in December that she appeared to be delusional, believing that President Barack Obama had placed Stamford, Connecticut, where they lived, under lockdown and that her home was under electronic surveillance”. Unsurprisingly, the cops “found medications in her apartment to treat schizophrenia” last night. She wasn’t actually “attacking” the barricades when she rammed them … she was trying to ‘escape’ from the Secret Service officers at a checkpoint; obviously she thought she was fleeing for her life. God, it is so freaking sad.

The silver lining in this whole mess was that she wasn’t armed, and therefore did not kill other people in her attempt to ‘get away’. I am especially glad her baby was unharmed.

Before the news broke that she was insane, all that was known was that she was a black chick who had “attacked” the capital. That prompted Congressman Tim Griffin, a Republican from Arkansas, to decide she must have been after poor widdle oppressed white GOP guys like himself. He knew who to blame for that! Obama! Griffin took to twitter to tweet “Is violent Democrat language resulting in real violence? Dems said "yes" previously. Just saying. .”

First, when did Democrats tell people things like “don’t retreat, reload” or call for armed insurrection against the federal government and other fine things? Dude, calling someone an asshat and saying “shoot the bastard!” are a little bit different, vis-à-vis rhetoric. Secondly, just because she was black doesn’t mean she was coming after your worthless hide. Black people aren’t out to get you. They are not being urged by the Black Panthers (a group ran by the POTUS of course) to go get whitey. They, as a whole, would just like white privilege to perhaps throttle itself back a bit. I know that terrifies you, Tim Griffin, but it doesn’t mean they are going to lynch you. It’s not black folks that have had a history of lynching people.

After receiving a certain amount of flack (all of it), Tim Griffin backed down and apologized. He tweeted that, “The shooting today is a terrible and inexcusable tragedy and an act of terrorism. No one but the shooter is to blame. I tweeted out of emotion but agree that the timing was not helpful.”

There was a good time to tweet that shit?

As a final irony, do you know what would have given someone like Miriam Carey access to more mental health care? Obamacare, or as normal people call it … the Affordable Care Act. You know? The thing GOP congressmen like Tim Griffin have shut down the entire government to protest against?


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